The Malta Golden Visa Permanent Residency (MRVP) is available to residents of Brazil.

What are Malta Residence Visa Requirements for Brazil?

Malta Golden visa (PR) requirement – Brazil

  • At least 18 yrs old in Good health.
  • Income €100K (Brazilian Real 664K BRL) p.a or Capital €500K (3M BRL).
  • Buy a property €320K (2M BRL) Or Rent €12,000 (79K BRL) p.a.
  • €30K (200K BRL) admin fees to Govt.
  • €250K (1.7M BRL) in Govt. bonds for 5 years

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The Malta Golden Visa Permanent Residence Programme is available to Brazil citizens. There is growing demand in moving to Malta from Brazil through Residence Visa.

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How long does it take to get a Malta Residency Visa for Brazilian citizens?

Maltese Golden visa timeline – Brazil

For an investor from Brazil, the processing time for a Malta residency visa is between 3 to 7 months.

  • Application preparation time – 2-3 weeks.
  • Residency application submission and Processing time – 3 months.
  • After initial approval, compliance time (Buy House and more) – 3 months.
  • Permanent Residency card is issued at the end.

Details on Malta Residence Visa processing times

How much does Malta Golden Visa Cost for Brazilian citizens?

Malta Permanent Residence visa by Investment – Brazil

In 2024, the Minimum investment amount for Malta Golden Visa (PR) is typically over €500K (Brazilian Real 3M BRL).

  • Application Fee €5,500 (37K BRL) and €24,500 (163K BRL)
  • Government Bonds €250K (1.7M BRL)
  • Home Purchase min. €270K (1.8M BRL) or Rent min. €10K (66K BRL)

Brazil Central Bank is the regulatory body that has framework and monetary policy for moving assets and money outside of Brazil.

Details of Malta Residence Visa Costs

What are the benefits of Malta residence for Brazilian citizens?

  • No minimum presence required
  • Approval of permanent residency in three months
  • No worldwide tax remittance basis only
  • Schengen residence card
  • No Real Estate tax
  • Certificate or Permanent Residency for life
  • Visa-free travel within Schengen

Immigration – Malta PR from Brazil

Taxation of New Residents

The basis for taxation under the Maltese tax is based on residence and domicile. Residence for Malta tax purposes shows an intention to reside in Malta indefinitely. It may also be a basis of physical presence in Malta of at least 183 days.

Non-tax residents of Malta or those who are non-domiciled in Malta are taxable only on Malta source income and gains. Non-domiciled Malta residents are taxable on remittance only on foreign source income, not on foreign-source capital. It should be remitted to Malta only and is subjected to a minimum tax of €5,000. The minimum tax applies to individuals and couples who earn at least €35,000 in annual income outside Malta. Income and capital gains in Malta are applicable to personal income taxes.

Capital gains outside Malta will be outside the scope of Maltese tax regardless if remitted to Malta or not. Capital and savings remitted to Malta also fall outside the scope of Maltese tax.

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Malta Golden Visa for Brazil FAQ

For Brazil, How long does one have to live in Malta to get citizenship?

As a Resident of Malta, You have to live in Malta for six years before you can start an application to become a Maltese citizen by naturalization.

For Brazil citizen, can one buy property in Malta?

A Brazilian citizen can buy Real Estate in Malta. Within specially designated areas, you can buy property in Malta without a Acquisition of Immovable Property (AIP) permit. For other areas in Malta, an API permit is needed.