A Guide to Grenada Citizenship by Investment

What does a real estate investment do to an applicant aiming for Grenadian citizenship?

Grenada citizenship program through real estate investments grants full citizenship for life and can be passed to future generations by descent. Grenadian citizens will have full access to investment opportunities in the Caribbean. Fast Process for Economic citizenship in 2-3 Months.

According to Grenadian nationality law, Grenada citizenship may be granted on the basis of a contribution to or Business and property investment in Grenada.

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme started in August 2013 by Act No. 15, 2013 or also known as the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act. To preserve the integrity, value, and prestige of the Grenada Citizenship Programme, applicants have to adhere to the strict and straightforward protocols put up in this program.

Update: Congress passed the James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023 (H.R. 7776/NDAA) on December 15, 2022.

Individuals who have obtained citizenship through financial investment must have been residing in that country continuously for at least 3 years before applying for an E Nonimmigrant Visa. 

The residency requirement does not apply to individuals previously granted E nonimmigrant status. The changes will limit the use of “Citizenship by Investment” programs of countries, such as Grenada, that have allowed investors who obtain citizenship in a treaty visa country to secure E-2 Nonimmigrant Visas while waiting for an available immigrant visa.

Through this guide, we will help you learn more facts and information about the program and explain how to obtain citizenship via investment.

How to obtain Grenadian citizenship?

Grenada Second Passport with Investment

Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to obtain your second nationality through the Grenada Citizenship-by-Investment program:

  • We advise you to seek help from an authorized marketing agency. With the help of a local agent approved by the government, the agent can aid you in compiling documentation for filing to the Citizenship by Investment Committee (CBIC) at the Grenada Embassy. Occasionally, an investor aiming for Grenada Citizenship may be unable to get specific documents. In such instances, the petitioners may file a declaration giving an explanation as to why they are unable to supply the needed documentation.
  • Complete all application forms and documentation sent to you by your licensed marketing agent. Ascertain that all records are properly legalized in accordance with CBIC regulation.
  • The government branch evaluates each petition and does due diligence and performs background checks on every applicant.
  • Within 60 to 90 days of filing, your petition should be approved, and you will obtain a letter with detailed instructions for making your investment.
  • Think about whether you wish to invest your money in the National Transformation Fund (NTF) or real estate. An investor may select real estate from a government-approved list. Grenada provides investors with the opportunity to acquire a stake in homes or luxury hotel complexes. After 5 years, the property can be sold. In this situation, the cost of participation in the program will be equal to the registration cost. Don’t forget to produce a copy of your purchase receipt as proof and settle any Grenada CBI fees.

After receiving the payment receipt, the CBIC provides the certificate of registration. After that, the passport documents must be delivered to a local agent. Then, you will be granted citizenship of Grenada and will be eligible to receive a Grenadian passport.

What are the requirements to be eligible for Grenada Citizenship?

An applicant qualifies for Grenada citizenship if he/she is:

  • At least 18 yrs old
  • Contribution to Grenada – $150,000 OR
  • Contribution for the Main applicant with up to 3 dependents – $200,000 OR
  • Business or Real estate investment – Min. $220,000

All conditions above are required to be met. See more details of Grenada Citizenship Requirements.

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How long does it take for processing and get Permanent Residence?

Procedures, Application process and timeline

The processing time for a Grenada Citizenship by Investment is between 3 to 4 months.

  1. Application preparation time – 1 Month
  2. Grenadian Authorities Processing time – 2 months
  3. Compliance Time – 1 month
  4. Grenadian passport is issued

Know the status of your application and more details on the Grenada Citizenship Process.

How much does it Cost?

Investment options

The minimum investment amount for Grenada Citizenship (passport) is typically over $150,000 with one of the following options:

  • National Transformation Fund Donation for $150,000
  • Contribution for the Main applicant with up to 3 dependents – $200,000
  • Buy Business or Purchase Real estate investment from $220,000

The investment amount requires showing the necessary documents to prove the source of financing. In case you do not have enough investment funds, you might be wondering what can be a possible lawful alternative source of funds, right? Worry not for an investor may also apply for a loan as a source of funds in a financial institution for your investment. However, the loan’s collateral must be specified and it must be worth at least as much as the loan amount. EB-5 best practices advise the loan amount should not exceed 70% of the value of the collateral property.

All conditions above need to be met. Details of fees for Grenada Citizenship

What are the benefits?

Why choose Grenada?

  • Access to U.S. E-2 Work Visa Advantage For Investors – Acquiring a US E-2 visa gives significant opportunities.
  • Fast Process – Citizenship in 3 to 4 months
  • Favorable Tax Regime – The meaning of this is that there are no taxes on income, capital gains, or inheritance anywhere in the world.
  • Visa-free travel worldwide – 143 countries
  • Fast-track Dual citizenship
  • Whole Family – The definition of “dependent” has been defined again. Dependent children, parents, and grandparents over the age of 55 can be included in the main applicant’s file. Plus, citizenship can be passed down.
  • Economy – Affordable
  • A Journey to Safety – a very safe place to live
  • No residency requirement
  • World Class University for bright future for your children
  • Any knowledge of the language is not required for the Grenada passport.
  • A large number of international banks are available – With a Grenadian passport, investors can open accounts with EU banks to simplify foreign exchange transfers and maintain money in deposits.

Grenada Citizenship Consultant

EB5 BRICS can help you navigate Grenada Citizenship by Exceptional Services Programme through our presence in Grenada in conjunction with our Grenada Legal Partner. Our team speaks English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.

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FAQs for Grenada Citizenship thru Investment

What are Qualifications for a route to Grenadian citizenship?

The Grenadian Citizenship through investment qualification requires you to meet certain conditions like buying a house. Only citizens of Iran are barred from immigration.

Can my children join in immigrating to Grenada?

Yes. Children up to 30 years of age (not including 30) may join at the time of processing. After receiving your citizenship, a new spouse, children under 16, and newborns may be added within 12 months.

How long do I have to live or Travel to be physically present in Grenada to get passport?

Before petitioning for Grenada citizenship, applicants do not need to have permanent residency.

How much money do I need to invest into buying a home when applying for Citizenship?

Some of you are probably wondering what is the amount you have to invest to obtain Grenadian citizenship. It typically costs a minimum of $220,000 in Real Estate purchases.

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