The EB-5 U.S. Immigrant Investor Visa Program is available to residents of Singapore who can invest:

  • US $900,000 (Approx. Singapore Dollar 1.2 million) or US $1,800,000 (Approx. Singapore Dollar 2.5 million);
  • in a new business;
  • that creates 10 full-time jobs for U.S. workers.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services allows 10,000 EB-5 visas a year.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore is the regulatory body that has the framework and monetary policy for moving assets and money outside of Singapore.

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I thank EB5 BRICS for helping me out with making decision regarding EB5 investment. I also thank Vivek for guiding me throughout the process and providing me the most correct information regarding process and projects available for investment. Vivek has contributed a lot due to which I was able to file the petition within time.

GM, Pune, India
When I first started looking around for information on EB-5 program, I came across the YouTube video of EB5 BRICS which was very informative and thorough. Eventually I got in touch with Vivek, who quickly put me across with his team and in no time I was on my way completing the EB-5 application process. The whole team was very professional and reliable and made me feel very comfortable in taking right decisions in the process. They would respond to my queries in time and with patience. I definitely recommend Vivek and EB5 BRICS to anyone, look no further.
SC, Bengaluru, India

It was really a pleasure to interact with you. EB5 BRICS guided me step-by-step in my EB-5 application both on the immigration and investment fronts and made sure that all my questions were answered as best as possible. Vivek Tandon and his team are a great resource for correct and honest information about the program. The personalised and prompt attention that Vivek gives to his clients is unmatched.

RS, Jaipur, India

For a transaction as complex and baffling as investing in the EB 5 programme that had to factor in a multi-layered process involving legal, financial, banking and other regulatory requirements, they made it appear as easy and smooth as a routine banking activity. I must thank and compliment all at EB5 BRICS and especially Vivek Tandon who was readily available at any time of the day (and night!) to answer all our nervous questions; he coordinated with all the related investment and legal offices and guided us in every step of the process. We are very happy to have placed our trust in their reliability and efficacy.

SN, Hyderabad, India

“My son is pursing a Master’s degree in the US and wishes to live and work there post-graduation. I found out that unfortunately, the road to US permanent residency through the F-1 to OPT to H-1B route is very long and uncertain. I started looking around and found EB-5 green card a good option for him. I got in touch with Vivek Tandon at EB5 BRICS a few months ago and he was very quick in responding and walking us through the entire process. We started discussing EB-5 projects and also retained an immigration lawyer recommended by Vivek. We met in Delhi and took things forward and filed the application before the Dec. 9 deadline. I am very happy with Vivek and his team.”

HA, New Delhi, India

Advantages and Benefits

Investing through the EB-5 visa helps Singapore citizens to migrate to the US with their families in a short span of time giving them all the rights and privileges as other green card holders in the US. Various benefits include:

  • Freedom to work in any part of the country and no visa restrictions to find work
  • Green card holders are highly paid compared to the other work visa categories depending on the skills 
  • Unmarried children under the age of 21 get to study in reputed and renowned universities in the US
  • Green card holders pay much less fees compared to students on study visas
  • Travel within and outside the US with far little restrictions
  • Green card gives Singapore citizens the ability to maintain their country’s citizenship along with the Green card in the US

USA Green Card for Singapore residents

EB-5 visa is extensively being used by Singapore residents and citizens in order to relocate to the US for a better future for themselves and their kids. Singapore citizens get an option of sending their kids to the universities in the US and also have the freedom to work in the US after their studies and gain international experience. The EB-5 visa also grants an opportunity for professionals to utilize these their skills in the US job market and maintain their residence in the US. Path to U.S. Citizenship & Return of Capital.

Singapore nationals are highly educated and seeking to enhance their expertise are looking at the EB-5 visa as it is a much faster and simple process to move to the US and enhance their careers along with securing a future for their kids in the US.

EB5 BRICS can help you navigate U.S. Immigrant Investor Green Card Program through our presence in Singapore in conjunction with our U.S. Legal Partner. Our team speaks English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.

Meet us in Singapore, Schedule a one-on-one meeting with Vivek Tandon, a US lawyer and an investment banker.

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