The E-2 Treaty Investor Visa Program is available to residents of Egypt.

What are E-2 Visa Requirements for Egypt?

E2 visa requirement – Egypt

  • Be a citizen Egypt. It has signed a treaty with USA.
  • Requires investor’s investment be typically over US $150K (Egyptian Pound 2.36 Million) with minimum 50% ownership.
  • Move to US to establish and manage the business.
  • Generate significant returns for investors and economy – employing US workers.
  • Funds must be “at risk”

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The E-2 U.S. Immigrant Investor Visa Program is available to Egypt citizens. There is growing demand for the E-2 Visa category among Egypt nationals.

How long does it take to get an E-2 visa for Egyptian citizens?

E2 visa timeline – Egypt

The processing time for an E-2 visa depends on Egyptian Investor. If present in the USA, the average time is 5 months. Premium processing time is 15 days for $2,500. For outside of the US, E2 visa processing time through a Consulate varies from 2 weeks to 4 months.

Details on USCIS E-2 processing times

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How much does E-2 Visa Cost for Egyptian citizens?

E2 visa cost – Egypt

Minimum investment amount is typically over US $150K (Egyptian Pound 2.36 Million). For investor present in USA – Form I-129 fee $460 (Form I-539 – $370 per dependent), 15 days premium processing at $2,500. Investor in Home-country – $205 fee per DS-160 form. Lawyer’s charges, Business entity formation costs.

The Central Bank of Egypt is the regulatory body that has the monetary policy for moving assets and money outside of Egypt.

Details of E-2 Visa Costs

Is Egypt an E-2 visa treaty country?

Yes, the United States maintains treaties of commerce and navigation with Egypt. Nationals of treaty countries must be coming to the United States to engage in substantial trade, or develop and direct the operations of a business in which the investor has invested a substantial amount of capital.

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E-2 businesses for Sale for Egyptian investor

Though it depends on each investor’s interest in terms of the type of business. An investor from Egypt could opt for investing a substantial amount in Multinational corporations or buying Franchises, restaurants, consulting business or purchase an existing business.

As long as a substantial investment is made in the business by the investor it can qualify. As mentioned above some of the popular businesses are franchises/restaurants/consulting businesses which will help the US economy.

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How to convert an E-2 visa to a Green card for a citizen of Egypt?

E2 visa to Green card – Egypt

  1. EB-5 investor visa thru Direct or Regional Center Investment
  2. Green Card through your spouse’s Employer.
  3. EB1A immigrant visa for people with extraordinary abilities
  4. National interest waiver (under EB-2 visa for advanced degree professionals)
  5. E-2 Employee to green card through marriage.

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E-2 Visa Egypt FAQ

Is an Egyptian national eligible for an E-2 Visa?

Yes, As an Egyptian citizen, you are eligible for an E-2 Visa. Egypt has signed the E-2 treaty with the US.

Can a spouse of a E-2 Visa holder from Egypt work in the US?

Spouses of E-2 visa holders from Egypt are able to work in the US only once they apply for work authorization by filling form I-765, if approved they are allowed to work in the US.

Can an Egyptian citizen work in the USA with an E-2 Visa in 2023?

Yes. As a Egypt national, you are eligible to work in the US but only the business that you have invested or if you are an employee at the organisation which sponsored your E-2 visa.

For an Egyptian citizen, What businesses qualify for an E-2 Visa?

There is no specific list of businesses under the E-2 treaty. As long as the investor has made a significant investment in a business and is approved by the US citizenship and immigration services.

What happens when an Egyptian citizen's E-2 Visa for USA expires?

The E-2 visa holders from Egypt are allowed to renew their visas. The extensions are granted for 2 years and there are no restrictions on the number of extensions available to the E-2 investors.