What is Commercial Enterprise?

A commercial enterprise combines the word commerce and enterprise. Together, commercial enterprise refers to a business whose primary objective is profit while engaging in legitimate large-scale purchasing and selling activities

The word commerce is frequently perceived as big-scale, implying the exchange of enormous quantities of commodities, services, and money. Transportation and distribution are integral components of a commercial firm, particularly in a product-based business.

Commercial enterprise

The term “enterprise” is one of the most generic words used to characterize a business. Generally, an enterprise is an organized group of people and systems that cooperate to accomplish common goals. Nonprofit organizations and small businesses are considered enterprises under this definition. A more precise definition of enterprise necessitates that all departments and personnel within the organization work cooperatively to accomplish goals.

What are the significant key points to remember?

Commercial enterprise refers to any profitable activity established for the purpose of conducting legitimate business on a daily basis. This includes:

  • Sole proprietorship;
  • Corporation;
  • Limited or general partnership
  • Cooperative venture
  • Holding corporation
  • Business trust or other private or public entity

This includes a commercial enterprise comprising a holding company and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, provided that each subsidiary is engaged in a for-profit activity established for the purpose of conducting a lawful business on an ongoing basis.

It excludes non-commercial activity, such as the ownership and operation of a primary residence.

What are some examples of commercial enterprises?

Commercial enterprises include, but are not confined to, the following: (a) food and beverage services; (b) car rental to Airport guests, visitors, FBO operators, and other Airport users; and (c) retail sale of apparel and other personal products.

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