What is a Residency by Investment Program?

Residency by investment is a process by which investors can get a permanent residency with a Residence permit of a 2nd country within a few months. An investment or a donation is required. In simpler terms it is a business transaction, you invest, they give you citizenship. Some people call it “Golden Visa” and others call it a way for “visa-free travel”.

Top benefits of a 2nd residency permit/card include visa-free travel , relief from tax burdens, privacy and freedom, access to investment opportunities, political diversification, and security.

Depending on nationality law of each country, they have different timelines. These are popular with investors who do not wish to emigrate to the new country.  Best Residence through investment program depends on your personal & investment goals.

Residency after a few years leads to citizenship as well through naturalization.

Looking for a direct Citizenship-by-investment programme instead?

Golden Visa – Residency by Investment Countries List



  • $100,000 minimum investment
  • Processing time – 5 to 6 months
  • Residency visa for 2 years with extensions every 2 years
  • Includes unmarried Children of the Applicant that are under 21 yrs of Age

European Golden Visas:

IMPORTANT: Turkey, Cyprus, Malta and Montenegro have direct Citizenship by Investment programmes

These programs will get you to be Long-term resident (European Union).


  • €250,000 real estate investment
  • No residency requirement
  • Schengen Residence Card
  • Includes Children and Parents of the Applicant & spouse


  • €280,000 minimum investment
  • Minimum stay requirement – 7 days 1st year, 14 days in subsequent years.
  • EU Residence Card
  • Includes Children and Parents of the Applicant & siblings under care of main applicant.



  • €150,000 minimum investment
  • Fast Process – Permanent residency in 3 months
  • Visa Free Travel within the Schengen Area
  • Includes Children, Parents and Grand-parents of the Applicant


  • €500,000 minimum investment in real estate or business
  • Schengen Residency
  • Leads to Citizenship after 10 years residency
  • Includes Children and Parents of the Applicant and Spouse

Caribbean Residency:

Golden visa for Caribbean countries is really their direct Citizenship programmes.

IMPORTANT: Grenada, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, Saint Kitts & Nevis and Saint Lucia have direct Citizenship by Investment programmes in Caribbean

Golden Visa Consultant

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Residency Visa for Investors – FAQ

Which is the cheapest country to get a Golden Visa through investment?

Cheapest Golden Visa and Citizenship by investment programme comes from Dominica and Saint Lucia - both countries programs start at $100,000 for a single investor.

How are Golden Visa programs impacted by COVID-19?

In , Golden Visa programs have seen a uptick in interests and movement of people seeking for more security and as a backup plan for their family.

How long does one have to live in a country when getting residency through investment?

Length of Stay time varies from one country to the next. Countries like Greece have no residency requirement, while others like Portugal has just 1 visit in many years or a few days in a year.

Do residency programs cover my children and parents?

All Golden Visa programs cover investor's children of ages 18 and under. Some programmes allow for dependent parents of the investor. Some countries like Portugal and Spain allow for parents of Investor's spouse as well.

How long on average does it take to get a Golden visa residence?

On average, Residency programs take 2-5 months to process. These countries include Malta, Spain, Greece and Portugal.