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Investment for US Residency by Hongkong citizens

The United States has a couple of options for Business Investor Visas for Hong Kong citizens.

  • EB-5 investment program is an immigrant visa that leads citizens of Hong Kong to Permanent Residency, Green Card.
  • E-2 Visa gives investors unlimited access to reside in the US, but it is a non-immigrant Visa.

The Joint Financial Intelligence Unit is the regulatory body that has framework and monetary policy for moving assets and money outside of Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong Business Investments in US for Capital returns

EB5 BRICS helps foreign investors from Hong Kong find suitable investment options for sound returns on investment. The US has always been an attractive destination for those looking to invest globally and diversifying their investments. 

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US business Mergers & acquisitions for Investors from Hong Kong

For investors and businesses from Hong Kong, we help with anything related to mergers and acquisitions activity in the US. Whether you are looking to start a new business or buy into an existing one, we can provide you with the due diligence that you need to make a fully-informed decision.

Our services range from Client representation, structuring the best deal and after-closing guidance.

Hong Kong, US Investments Consultant

EB5 BRICS can help you navigate U.S. Immigrant Investor Green Card Program through our presence in Hong Kong in conjunction with our U.S. Legal Partner. Our team speaks English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.

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Hong Kong – US Investments FAQ

Is the USA a good foreign market to invest in for Hong Kong citizens?

The United States has always and continues to be a stable and welcoming market for foreign investors. It offers a robust legal system, tax incentives, reliable infrastructure, and access to one of the world's best consumer market.

Can a Hongkonger citizen start a new business or buy an existing business in the USA?

Yes Hongkonger citizens can certainly start a new business or buy an existing business in the US. The laws and procedures are more or less the same for US residents and foreign investors. The US Federal and State governments do allow non residents to open companies anywhere. Incorporating a new company in the USA is generally very easy and cost effective.

What is the process to invest in the USA stock market from Hong Kong?

The best way to invest in US stocks from Hong Kong is to follow the local banking and investment regulations in Hong Kong.