How long does it take to get a Greece Residence Visa?

The processing time for a Greece Residency Golden Visa is between 3 to 5 months.

  • Start Visa Application
    • Enter Greece with a valid visa
    • Arrival in Greece
  • View Property in Athens, suburbs or other areas in Greece
    • Obtain Tax Number, Open Bank Account, Sign PoA
  • Legal Check + Purchase
    • Collect Supporting Docs.
    • Build Application.
    • Meeting at the De-centralised Authority to file the Application.
    • Full Application Submission + Submit Biometric Data
  • Residency Card Issue

Processing timelines for Greece Golden Visa:



After seven years of physical residency of the applicant in Greece, they may apply for Greek citizenship. At this point, he or she may dispose of real estate investment.


  • Fast processing
  • Family members included
  • No minimum residency required
  • Applicants have the right to live in Greece
  • PR Permit is renewable every five years, which may lead to citizenship after seven years
  • Schengen Residence Card


Non-EU individuals are eligible to obtain the Greece Golden Visa. The principal applicant should be at least 18 years old, and eligible dependents are spouse, parents, and children under 21 years old.

  • To be eligible for residency under the Greece Golden Visa Programme, the applicant must produce evidence of a clean source of funds.
  • Applicants may acquire Greek residency through either purchase of property of purchase of a plot of land.
  • If the applicant chooses to purchase a property, the commercial or residential building’s minimum value is €250,000. The property can be in any part of the country, whether in mainland Greece or its surrounding islands.
  • Should the applicant invest in a land plot, the cumulative value of the land purchase and its contract with the construction company should be €250,000.

Update: The minimum investment is expected to increase from €250,000 to €500,000 in Athens, Thessaloniki, and the main islands from April 2023.

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