How long does it take to get a Malta Citizenship thru investment?

The processing time for Maltese citizenship by investment is between 12 to 18 months.

  1. Application preparation time – 2 Months
  2. Maltese Counsel Processing time – 4 months
  3. Compliance Time – 4 months
  4. Maltese passport is issued

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Processing timelines for Malta Citizenship thru investing:

Malta Citizenship Application Process

Preparation – 2 months

  • Prepare supporting docs & Application File
  • Sign docs before a Maltese Consul
  • Residency Card fast track 1-3 weeks

Processing Time – 4 months

  • Full Citizenship Application
  • Identity Malta: reviews application, source of funds, background checks
  • IM applies risk weighting
  • In Principle Approval

Compliance Time – 4 months

  • 25 Days to Pay Contribution
  • Purchase or Rent Property
  • Submit Health Cover
  • Oath of Allegiance Naturalisation Certificate
  • Wait for End of 12 Months

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