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How much does Malta Residency Visa Cost?

Malta Golden visa by Investment:

In 2023, the Minimum investment amount for Malta Permanent Residence Visa is typically over €500,000.

  • One-time application fee to the Government of €98,000 when renting a property OR €68,000 if purchasing a property, and
  • Property rental in Malta for €10K/€12K per year OR property purchase for €300,000/€350,000, and
  • Minimum donation of €2,000 to a local registered philanthropic, cultural, sport, scientific, animal welfare, or artistic NGO.

Information on Malta Permanent Residence Visa Costs


Applicants have to declare an annual income of no less than €100,000 arising outside Malta or has his/her possession capital not less than €500,000 (where €150,000 must be in the form of financial assets).

Property Rental or Purchase – House/Real Estate

Applicants are required to invest in a property amounting to at least €350,000 in Malta, or €300,000 in Gozo or south of Malta. Alternatively, applicants can enter a property rental contract of at least €12,000 in Malta or €10,000 in Gozo or South of Malta annually both on five-year contracts.

Contribution to the Government of Malta

To qualify for Maltese Residency by Investment, the principal applicant is required to contribute €98,000 if renting a property OR €68,000 if purchasing a property to the Maltese authorities which is to be paid in 2 stages. The initial €10,000 is paid on the submission of the application and the remaining amount when the application is approved. An additional €7,500 is to be paid for each dependent (parent/grandparent) and should be included in the application.

Philanthropic Contribution

Applicants are required to donate at least €2,000 to a local philanthropic, cultural, sport, scientific, animal welfare, or artistic NGO registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organizations.

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