UPDATE: The Montenegro Citizenship Program has closed on December 31, 2022.

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What is required for Montenegro Citizenship by Investment?

Montenegro Citizenship Requirement:

  • At least 18 yrs old
  • Contribution to Montenegro Government Fund – Min. €100,000
  • Buy Real Estate or invest in projects – Min. €250,000
  • Main Applicant Processing Fee – €15,000
  • Dependents – €10,000 each

Montenegro Immigration – Citizenship requirement Details


For the applicant to be eligible for the Montenegro Economic citizenship by investment program, the applicant must be at least 18 years old and contribute to the Montenegro economy by paying a non-refundable contribution to the government and invest in government-approved development projects.


The applicant/investor is required to contribute to the economy of Montenegro by paying a non-refundable contribution of €100,000 of a Government Fund which will be used for the development of underdeveloped areas.


The applicant will need to invest in development projects that are approved by the government. The investment can either be made in developed or underdeveloped regions.

  • €450,000 in development projects in developed regions of Montenegro
  • €250,000 in development projects in underdeveloped regions of Montenegro

The projects approved by the government can be from the field of Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Tourism industry.


The applicant is also required to settle government fees for the applicant and family members. The fees are as follows:

  • Main Applicant: €15, 000
  • Spouse: €10,000
  • Dependent 1: €10,000
  • Dependent 2: €10,000
  • Dependent 3: €10,000
  • Dependent 5 (and onwards): €50,000

Contributions and investment funds are to be transferred to an ESCROW account upon the submission of the application. It shall be transferred to the respective accounts upon the receipt of principal approval from the Competent Authority.

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