The Montenegro Economic Citizenship by Investment is available to residents of Pakistan.

The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment (MECP or CBI) program, launched in 2018.  It allows investors from to obtain citizenship in Montenegro in exchange for Real Estate investment and other projects in the country. The Montenegro permanent residency programme requires applicants to contribute to the development fund and invest in economic development projects approved by the Montenegro Government.

Montenegro is a candidate country to join the EU, and it is expected to enter the European Union in 2025. Citizens of Montenegro can enjoy visa-free travel in 123 countries including the European Schengen area.

What are Montenegro Citizenship through Investment Requirements for Pakistan?

Montenegro Citizenship (Passport) requirement – Pakistan

  • At least 18 yrs old
  • Contribution to Montenegro Government Fund – Min. €100,000 (Pakistani Rupee 19M PKR)
  • Buy Real Estate or invest in projects – Min. €250,000 (47.6M PKR)
  • Main Applicant Processing Fee – €15,000 (2.9M PKR)
  • Dependents – €10,000 each (1.9M PKR)

All conditions above need to be met.

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The Montenegrin Citizenship Programme is available to Pakistan citizens. There is growing demand for the Montenegro Citizenship among Pakistani nationals.

Montenegro citizenship – Properties, Real estate, Home, Hotel investment – for Pakistani citizens

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How long does it take to get Montenegro Citizenship by investment for Pakistani citizens?

Montenegrin Citizenship thru Investment timeline – Pakistan

The processing time for a Montenegro Citizenship is 6 months.

  1. Application preparation time – 1 Month
  2. Processing time – 4-5 months
  3. Compliance Time by investing in Government approved Real estate – 1 month
  4. Montenegrin passport is issued

Details on Montenegro Citizenship Process

How much does Montenegro Citizenship Cost for Pakistani citizens?

Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment – Pakistan

The Minimum investment amount for Montenegro Citizenship (passport) is typically over €370,000 (Pakistani Rupee 70.5M PKR)

  • Contribution to Government Fund – Min. €100,000 (19M PKR)
  • Buy Real Estate/Home or invest in projects – Min. €250,000 (47.6M PKR)
  • Main Applicant Processing Fee – €15,000 (2.9M PKR)
  • Dependents Fees cost – €10,000 each (1.9M PKR)

All conditions above need to be met.

State Bank of Pakistan is the regulatory body that has framework and monetary policy for moving assets and money outside of Pakistan.

Details of Montenegrin Citizenship Costs

What are the benefits of Montenegro Citizenship for Pakistani nationals?

  • Fast Process – Citizenship in 6 months
  • No min. physical residence or stay prior, during or after Citizenship
  • Visa free travel to 123 Countries, including EU Schengen Area
  • Dual Citizenship Allowed
  • Montenegro is a Prospective EU member state
  • Family members included and transferable to descendants

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Montenegro Citizenship for Investors from Pakistan – FAQ

As a Pakistani citizen, Am I eligible for a Montenegrin Citizenship?

Yes, as a Pakistani national, You are eligible for a Montenegro Citizenship through investment if you meet certain conditions like buying a house/Real Estate, be at least 18 years of age and a Clean criminal record. Citizenship by investment in available thru their CBI/MECP program.

Can a Pakistani citizen buy properties in Montenegro?

A Pakistani citizen can buy property in Montenegro. If you are looking to get citizenship, you will need to invest into real estate projects approved by the government for that purpose.

How long does a Pakistan national have to live in Montenegro to get citizenship?

With Citizenship through investment program for Montenegro, there is no physical presence requirement at all. You can get citizenship within 6-7 months by Investing in government approved Home/Property.

As a Pakistani national, how much does citizenship to Montenegro Costs?

Montenegrin citizenship investment typically costs a minimum of €370,000 (Pakistani Rupee 71M PKR) in Contribution and Government approved Home/Real Estate purchase.