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EB-5 visa classification by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Created by Congress to stimulate and promote economic growth, the Immigration Act of 1990, the EB 5 investment immigration program offers a fast-track route to the US green card to applicants fulfilling the prescribed investment and job creation requirements.

As an addition to the traditional EB5 program, the Immigrant Investor Visa Pilot Program, enacted in 1992, offers foreign investors applicants the option of qualifying for the visa through Regional Centers investments. Setup as an alternative to the direct investment option available under the ‘traditional’ program setup in 1990, this temporary program has received numerous extensions.

The EB 5 U.S. Immigrant Investor Visa Program is available to Indian citizens who can make a capital investment into a commercial enterprise:

  • EB5 Visa cost is US $800,000 (Approx. INR 6.1 cr ) or US $1,050,000 (Approx. INR 8.3 cr) depending on geographical area;

  • * Investment in a new business;

  • * that creates 10 full-time jobs for U.S. workers in a targeted employment area.

Through this program you can receive many benefits but the ones that makes a lot of popularity is the fact that it boosts not only the country’s economy but alongside that is also the foreign investors.  The US economy is sure to generate and earn money from these investors. Aside from that they can also boost the local economy and create more employment once these new, foreign investors arrive. There are a lot of opportunities available in the United States of America including Educational, Business, and Career opportunities. Go reach that American dream by getting a EB 5 for indians.

Green card through investment

India is a fast growing market for EB 5 Visa applicants who are seeking to migrate to the United States for educational, business and career opportunities for themselves, their families and their children.

United States is the most desired education destination for Indian children.

Following their graduation from Western or European colleges, many of these students prefer to gain work experience in the host country, and perhaps become residents. For U.S.-educated international students, the program can be a positive alternative to seeking H-1B visas. Learn more information about USA Investment visa for Dubai residents.

If wealthy Indian parents “gift” their children EB-5 funds prior to sending them to college, not only would they pay lower tuition fees as U.S. residents, but the post-graduation visa concerns would be eliminated.

Indian Americans are the most educated population in the United States, with more than 80 percent holding college or advanced degrees, stated a report released June 19, 2012 by the Pew Research Center. Indians Americans also have the highest income levels, earning $65,000 per year with a median household income of $88,000, far higher than the U.S. household average of 49,000, according to the PEW survey.

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